The Wise Old Woman Spirit: Help as a Partnership

The Wise Old Woman Spirit: 
Help as a Partnership
by Susan K. Faron
Open this book and enter the world of eros and, curiously, emptiness—two vital qualities of the Wise Old Woman spirit that can help us survive … possibly even thrive. 
Through the human imagination and dreams, the Wise Old Woman spirit offers a kind of collaboration and partnership involving a very real intimacy and immediacy while preserving our conscious gains. Although the Wise Old Woman spirit has appeared with many names and in multiple forms, this discovery is specifically born of Jung’s work on the archetype of the Wise Old Man. 
The Wise Old Woman spirit has emerged as a wisdom figure of her own in the ground-breaking research Dr. Faron has conducted. Not a goddess, nor worshipped, the feminine wisdom figure is nevertheless divine, born out of each individual psyche—man or woman—and functions as a psychological and individual reality. 
Featuring Emma Jung as the quintessential example of the Wise Old Woman spirit and enriched by dreams of the Wise Old Woman from around the world, this book provides scholarly, experiential and life-affirming inspiration!
Praise for The Wise Old Woman Spirit

“Susan’s book is a lifetime’s work, and one of great achievement. She explores and clarifies the intuitive work of Dr. Carl Jung, who had realized the power of love, and the damaging effect of the oppression of the feminine in our modern one-sided world. Susan’s book shines with warmth, lyricism, and the clarity of her writing. This is a work from a truly feminine mind and soul and adds to the few works that come from such a genuine and differentiated place of eros—including her gentle caveat that we need relationship with our inner Wise Old Woman if we are ever to reconnect to the life-affirming aspects of life, nature, and love.”
-Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown, Jungian analyst and author of The Dreamer’s Odyssey

“What is feminine wisdom? Why is it important? How can we access it? In this decidedly original opus, Dr. Faron teaches us these things, citing the work of C.G. Jung and others, as well as the life of Emma Jung as a penultimate example of such wisdom. She also shares her own experiences of the Wise Old Woman spirit and numerous illustrative dreams she collected from all over the world. There’s a great deal to be learned from this book. I highly recommend it!”
-Gary Toub, Ph.D., Diplomate Jungian analyst and psychologist, Senior Training Analyst and Past President and Training Director, C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado

“In The Wise Old Woman Spirit: Help as a Partnership, Dr. Faron looks closely at a particular kind of healing—one that includes the whole psyche of the individual. In the same way that Jung looked at healing of his own soul and found the guidance of his inner Wise Old Man, Dr. Faron highlights our critical need for a more complete integration of the feminine function, namely, the qualities of the archetype of the Wise Old Woman. Her writing is intimate and light-hearted as well as insightful and thought provoking. With her close commentary of fairy tales, an interview with Andreas Jung about his grandmother, Emma, revelations by Lockhart, von-Franz, and Jung as well as dreams from around the world, Dr. Faron’s profound book reveals the eros and emptiness essential to the Wise Old Woman, the very qualities needed in the world today.”
-Marie Newton, Author of Dizzy and the Dreams and The Letters of Hope Street

“Susan Faron presents a book about the Wise Old Woman, ‘and she is eternal’—truly an adventurous undertaking. But the author is guided, encouraged, and supported by many dreams. She spans the arc of amplifications over great historic and prehistoric periods, across diverse cultures, myths, and fairy tales. And she finds in the life of Emma Jung-Rauschenbach, the wife of C.G. Jung, an impressive example of the effects of the Wise Old Woman spirit. Susan Faron’s book is not only an intellectual comment but written with compassion and fills a gap in the wide spectrum of works on basic archetypal symbolism.”
-Hansueli F. Etter, PhD, long-time colleague of M. L. von Franz; president of the Foundation for Jungian Psychology, Küsnacht, Switzerland; and Diplomate Jungian Analyst, lecturer, and author
Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Wisdom of the Old Woman’s Spirit
  • Chapter 2: Manifestations of the Feminine Divine
  • Chapter 3: Circumambulating Eros
  • Chapter 4: The Great Feminine Secret—Emptiness 
  • Chapter 5: Colorful Images of the Wise Old Woman Spirit from the Life of Emma Jung
  • Chapter 6: Astonishing Visits in Dreams Worldwide—More Images of the Wise Old Woman Spirit
  • Chapter 7: Epilogue
  • References 

About the Author
Susan K Faron, PhD, is a psychologist and Jungian analyst and graduate of the Jung and von Franz Centre, Switzerland. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, Magna Cum Laude, with high honors in psychology, Phi Beta Kappa. She completed her PhD at the California School of Professional Psychology. 
Dr. Faron has numerous academic honors and is a member of the California Psychological Association. Currently focused on the feminine wisdom archetype, she began her research in 1983 exploring adult development. She has lectured at the San Francisco Analytical Psychology Club and presented internationally in other forums.

The heart of Dr. Faron’s work is through private practice, in which she specializes in dreams and their spiritual direction. Susan, mother of six, grandmother to nine, is convinced the real-life experience of the Wise Old Woman spirit serves as foundation for the loving eros and vital emptiness needed in the world today.

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