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Original Religious Experience

We are early into our Zürich seminar series with Dr. Murray Stein leading a discussion on religion and Jungian psychology. We so far have had 2 marvelous presentations by Dr. Stein looking in depth behind the archetypal experiences within religion. In the first seminar Dr. Stein describes the difference between an “original religious experience” and a religious experience that has been contained in the constructs of doctrine, dogma, and other elements in our organizations that while they might water down the experience, perhaps makes them “safer” for the individual experiencing them. Watch this brief video where Dr. Stein touches on this concept. We are interested in your thoughts on this as well. Does modern religion somehow discourage an “original religious experience?” Are people who have such experiences outside of clear religious constructs at times labeled psychotic or delusional? Is there a need to try to reconnect to these experiences? May it at times be dangerous to so do? We look forward to your comments…

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