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Myth and Psychology

Murray Stein, Ph.D.

Collected Writings: Volume 2

Chiron Publications is honored to publish the Collected Writings of Murray Stein

This volume of the Collected Writings consists of psychological reflections on classical mythology for insight into archetypal structures and dynamics that play out in contemporary life. Mythology is an important resource for depth psychology, and the works included in this volume are a contribution to the archetypal perspective on psyche inspired by the works of C.G. Jung, James Hillman, and Raphael Lopez-Pedraza.


The Devouring Father: A Myth of Repression

  1. A Portrait of the Father-Devoured Personality
  2. The Devouring Father in Greek Mythology

Hephaistos: A Mythic Image for the Instinct of Creativity

  1. The Mythic Image of Hephaistos
  2. The Underground Forge of Creativity
  3. Hephaistian Art and the Feminine
  4. The Hephaistian Character
  5. Hephaistos and His Brother
  6. The Loves of Hephaistos
  7. Postscript

Narcissus: A Mythic Image for the Instinct of Reflection

  1. The Story and Its Interpreters
  2. Narcissus and Death
  3. Narcissus and Vanitas
  4. Narcissus and Reflection
  5. Narcissus and Projection
  6. Narcissus and Narcissism
  7. Narcissus and Neoplatonism

Hera: A Mythic Image for the Instinct of Mating in Matrimony

  1. Hera as Archetypal Image of the Mating Instinct
  2. The Phases and Rhythms of Hera
  3. Hera’s Children

The Paradox of Jealousy

  1. Introduction
  2. Jealousy: Hera’s Offspring
  3. The Conflict between Hera and Aphrodite
  4. The Wanderings of Hera
  5. A Child of Jealousy: Harmonia

In MidLife

Chapter 1: Hermes, Guide of Souls Through Liminality

Chapter 2: Burying the Dead: The Entry into the Midlife Transition

Chapter 3: Liminality and the Soul

Chapter 4: The Return of the Repressed During Midlife Liminality

Chapter 5: The Lure to Soul-Mating in Midlife Liminality

Chapter 6: Through the Region of Hades: A Steep Descent in Midlife’s Liminality

Chapter 7: On the Road of Life After Midlife

On Psychological Interpretation

  1. Symbols and Interpretations
  2. Three Types of Representation
  3. Jung’s Hermeneutical Method
  4. Interpretation and the Language of Psychology