Submission Guidelines

Chiron, innerQuest, and Koa Books accepts completed, well-edited manuscripts. We do not consider proposed works nor do we accept dissertations, essays, or long narrative pieces that an author intends to develop into a complete manuscript.

Only completed and professionally edited manuscripts. (If you need an editor, we can refer you to a professional.) Rarely do we make recommendations as to content. The manuscript should be prepared using one inch margins, double-spaced, preferably using Times New Roman 12-pt font. Electronic files should be prepared in WORD format. Chiron prefers titles between 35,000 and 90,000 words in length.

References may be included as endnotes and explanatory footnotes may also be utilized using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Please consult the APA Style Manual.

If your manuscript is accepted:

  • You will be asked to complete a Manuscript Checklist if this was not submitted with the manuscript.
  • You will receive an Author Agreement. This will specify the terms including deadlines, royalties, and author fees involved in publishing the work.
  • The fee for preparing files ready for production of a book vary according to word length, the intensity of editing required, proofreading, manuscript formatting, indexing, cover and interior design, image count, and other factors. We cannot prepare a quote until all of the required files and documentation for publication of both a print and e-book edition are received.
  • Permissions are the author’s responsibility. It is the author’s responsibility to secure permission to use material from other copyrighted works. Permissions may also be required for endorsements and images supplied as potential cover art.



  1. A description of your manuscript.
  2. Brief author résumé.
  3. Attach your fully edited and formatted manuscript as a WORD doc or docx file (without embedded images) and send to


IMPORTANT: DO NOT send a printed manuscript by post or courier unless you are asked to do so by one of our editors. Be sure that your manuscript has been prepared and formatted correctly.