The Collected Writings of Murray Stein: Volume 1 – Individuation


Chiron Publications is honored to publish the Collected Writings of Murray Stein


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Chiron Publications is honored to publish the Collected Writings of Murray Stein.  Volume 1 – Individuation in hardcover is now available for purchase.

Dr. Stein’s prolific career has produced a substantial body of writings, lectures, and interviews. His writings, captured in these volumes, span a wide domain of topics that include writings on Christianity, Individuation, Mid-life, the practice of Analytical Psychology, and topics in contemporary society. His deep understanding of Analytical Psychology is much more than an academic discourse, but rather a deeply personal study of Jung that spans nearly half a century.

The unifying theme of the papers collected in this volume is the individuation process as outlined by C.G. Jung and adopted and extended by later generations of scholars and psychoanalysts working in the field of analytical psychology. Individuation is a major contribution to developmental psychology and encompasses the entire lifetime no matter its duration. The unique feature of this notion of human development is that it includes spiritual as well as psychosocial features. The essays in this volume explain and expand on Jung’s fundamental contributions.


Table of Contents


1. The Containment/Nurturance Stage of Individuation 

2. The Adapting/Adjusting Stage of Individuation 

3. The Centering/Integrating Stage of Individuation 


The TwoFold Movement of Individuation 

1. The Analytic Movement (Separatio

2. The Synthetic Movement (Coniunctio

Numinous Experience in the Alchemy of Individuation 

1. On Healing and Numinous Experience 

2. Rudolf Otto, Creator of the Idea of the Numinous 

3. Jung and Otto 

4. Numinous Experiences and Individuation 

5. Shadows of the Numen 

6. The Individuation Hero(ine) 

A Tale of Initiation and Full Individuation 

1. Curiosity, Knowledge and Catastrophe 

2. Maintaining Consciousness 

3. Extreme Trials 

Deconstructing Bewitchment 

The Struggle with the Complexes, Personal and Cultural 

1. The Story of a Wounded and Imperfect Greek God 

2. A Theoretical Interlude 

3. Hephaistos Within 

4. Hephaistos Whole 

Finding a Space for Individuation 

1. Hermes, an Introduction 

2. Hermetic Space 

3. Individuation Space 

4. Hermetic Space in Psychotherapy 

The Ethics of Individuation: The Individuation of Ethics 

Midway on Our Life’s Journey: Psychological Transformation at Midlife 

1. The Midlife Period 

2. The Two Halves of Life – Achievement of Conventionality, Development of Individuality 

3. Change at Midlife – A Transformation Process in Three Phases 

Betrayal: A Way to Wisdom? 

1. “In God We Trust” 

2. Jung’s Answer to Job 

3. C.G. Jung and Fr. Victor White, O.P. 

Moments of Meaning – Synchronicity and Individuation 

1. Strange Happenings 

2. Hermes, A Mythical Portrait of the Author of Synchronicity 

3. Three Vertices in Synchronistic Events 

4. The Dual Object as Symbol 

5. Butterfly Tales 

6. Synchronicity and Meaning 

On the Role of Failure in the Individuation Process 

1. “Crucible” 

2. “Failure” 

3. Transformation – Reversing the Perspective 

4. The Collective 

Individuation in Organizational Life 

Helping Tradition to Individuate 

Individuation and the Politics of Nations 

Where East Meets West: In the House of Individuation 

1. Psychological Differences between East and West 

2. The Place of Meeting 

3. The Practical Result 

Psychological Individuation and Enlightenment 

1. Stage One – The First Conjunction: Unio Mentalis 

2. Stage Two – The Second Conjunction: Uniting Unio Mentalis with the Body 

3. Stage Three – The Third Conjunction: Unus Mundus The Union of Personal with Impersonal Self 



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