A Sword Shall Pierce Your Heart


This guide written from experience and a psychological perspective, puts grief and loss together in a way that is helpful in a time of personal tragedy.


Jungian psychoanalyst Charlotte Mathes experienced a parent’s worst nightmare—the death of her child. In this book, she describes her experience of struggling to find meaning and wholeness in one of the most shattering of experiences. That journey led her to Jungian archetypal psychology and to a heartfelt desire to help others come to terms with the profound sense of grief and loss that follows such an event.
The author tells her story of “personal knowing from walking the path of mother grief,” while establishing a background that guides the reader through the steps and archetypes that mark the process of mourning. Through personal experience, myth, and stories, she shows how one can gain a renewed sense of inner and outer wholeness in life.
Charlotte Mathes helps parents discover the “myth” they have been living and shows ways to greater self-awareness, understanding, and wisdom. She also suggests practical resources such as movies, books, and music that help parents regain perspective and learn how and where to reach out for help.
This invaluable guide is written from experience and a profound psychological perspective that puts it all together in a holistic way that is accessible and helpful in a time of personal tragedy.

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