Psychopathy Within

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Psychopathy Within offers a new way of conceptualizing and defining psychopathy that is a convergence of the author’s professional and personal experiences.


Psychopathy Within offers a new way of conceptualizing and defining psychopathy that is a convergence of the author’s diver3d mock-upgent professional experiences as a forensic psychologist and a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and her personal life experiences over decades as a Jungian student and analysand. When her father died, the story of his life and their relationship ignited her curiosity about the meaning of psychopathy, enriching and amplifying what she already felt she knew from a wide range of experiences, study, and observations. The result is an invitation to explore this charged topic, psychopathy, with a new perspective that holds the potential for growth and healing. At the heart of the story is the power of eros—the devastating ramifications of its absence and the tremendous healing energy of its presence.

“Eve Maram’s Psychopathy Within brings a cogent synthesis of Jungian and forensic perspectives, uniquely presented both clinically and from personal experience. A well-researched approach to psychopathy is followed by a vision for potential healing, providing hope and useful advice, and making this a valuable resource not only for clinicians, but anyone confronted with a psychopathic situation.”

-Robert Hinshaw, Ph.D., training analyst and faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich

“This book is an expression of the Feminine principle of Eros. Guiding us through the labyrinths of the human heart in its experience of psychopathy, an experience described qualitatively by Dr. Eve Maram as a sense of something deep within that is missing and that exists in a dormant continuum with all of us, Dr. Maram draws on her experiences as a forensic psychologist, a Jungian therapist, and most centrally, a daughter to a father who suffered from psychopathy, to challenge the strict separation of “us” and “them” in diagnostic criteria and in relationship. Beyond the yearnings to make logical sense of psychopathy, she eloquently expresses the ways in which Eros, or the Feminine Principle, is often missing or devalued in both professional work and in personal life. Authentic, not sentimental, engagingly written and filled with personal story, Dr. Maram’s genuine feeling and her capacity to communicate it is what makes this book a gem and a much needed contribution to accepting and healing the dark and cold, frozen dimensions of ourselves. By going consciously into dark experiences of psychopathy with love, appreciation for symbol, compassion, and a touch of humor, Dr. Maram shows us the gold, the possibility of authentic life, that lies hidden in what seems most unacceptable and most destructive to ourselves and others.”

-Thomas Elsner, J.D., M.A., Jungian Analyst

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  1. Nierika Gilbert

    What a refreshing perspective on the concept of psychopathy! As a practitioner in a mental health facility, I find this book incredibly interesting and very applicable to my case conceptualization of clients. Dr. Eve Maram truly demonstrates a well-rounded and thoughtful approach to this topic, and intelligently supports her findings in a way that is easily absorbed and understood. I really appreciated her fusion of personal and professional experience, through the lens of the Jungian model as a way of describing psychopathy. Any professional in the mental health field cannot miss the opportunity to read this!!! Especially those working with high risk populations. Great find!!!!!

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