On the Spirit and the Self: The Religious Art of Marc Chagall

This book compliments and extends the scholarship surrounding Chagall’s place in the History of 20th Century Art as a Religious artist. Central to this study is the psychic process of individuation and the ways in which images appear to depict the deeper changes in our collective human existence. A new perspective on Chagall’s creative output is presented through the application of Jungian theory: Jung identifies a separation between the cultural and historical underpinnings of natal faith, or creed, and the presence of an internal, personal spirituality, or religious attitude. This theoretical approach helps to define Chagall’s creative connection to his own natal Hasidic faith whilst clarifying the interiority of his religious experiences on a universal level. Primary source materials reflecting the Artist’s voice are illuminated by color reproductions to support the perspective that, like Jung, Chagall was among the most prolific and significant religious communicators of the 20th Century.