Natural Spirituality: A Handbook for Jungian Inner Work in Spiritual Community – Revised Edition


In this revised edition of Natural Spirituality:  A Handbook for Jungian Inner Work in Spiritual Community, Joyce Rockwood Hudson moves Jungian dream work from the professional world of the analyst’s office into the everyday world of spiritual seekers in local community, both inside and outside the institutions of traditional religion.



At the leading edge of wise thought in our time, there is a growing awareness that the human race as a whole has grown dangerously one-sided toward the masculine energies of life—toward technology, power, action, and pursuit of the ideal—and that this has come at the expense of the feminine energies of life—nature, process, reflection, and acknowledgment of the limitations of reality. Natural Spirituality:  A Handbook for Jungian Inner Work in Spiritual Community – Revised Edition is an expansive guide to restoring the balance of masculine and feminine consciousness to our healthy and whole spiritual life as human beings. Informed attention to dreams and synchronicity is the most natural and direct approach to the feminine divine. And the best way to inform our attention to these naturally occurring elements of spiritual life is through a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of Jungian psychology. This book offers these Jungian tools in clear language and shows how to use them to make sense of our dreams and synchronistic experiences. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of retaining our connection to masculine consciousness as we take up our new connection to feminine consciousness.

Jungian inner work can and must be done individually, but it is also greatly enhanced when brought into spiritual community, whether such a community be situated inside or outside an institutional setting. Natural spirituality dream groups can be formed anywhere—in homes, yoga centers, places of worship, coffee houses, or wherever people of faithful heart and intent might gather. Natural Spirituality as a guide to inner work has enjoyed significant sales for almost two decades. The number of people who are expanding their consciousness to include the feminine divine is steadily growing. For this we can all rejoice, for the goal of human consciousness must be, has to be, that the feminine side of our consciousness be brought into full balance and equality with the masculine side of our consciousness. An intrinsic component of this goal should be that these two sides of our inner and outer reality do not compete with each other but join together in effective union. Collective consciousness changes as a result of cumulative changes in the consciousness of individuals. This book is a handbook for expanding consciousness at the individual level in order to help bring about a much needed expansion of our collective understanding of what human life requires of us in order to be healthy, whole, and in balance with the natural order.


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