The House of C. G. Jung

This volume is an architectural portrait of the truly unique home of C. G. Jung and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach.


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C. G. Jung, the important explorer of the human psyche and founder of Analytical Psychology, lived and worked in his home in Küsnacht on Lake Zürich from 1908 to 1961, along with his wife, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach, whose wisdom was the heart of the house where they raised their five children.
A hundred years after it was built and following the completion of renovation, this house is represented in this lavishly illustrated record, published to document the creation of the property on Lake Zurich and its transformation since then. The House of C. G. Jung captures its previous and present states in text and images.
This volume is an architectural portrait of a truly unique home, as well as a commemoration of its original builders and owners.
Includes 160 illustrations, many in color.


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