James Hollis considers one’s transformation through the invisible world, from which a deeper, more thoughtful, considered life may come.



What does life ask of us, and how are we to answer that summons?

Are we here just to propagate the species anew?

Do any of us really believe that we are here to make money and then die?

Does life matter, in the end, and if so, how, and in what fashion?

What guiding intelligence weaves the threads of our individual biographies?

What hauntings of the invisible world invigorate, animate, and direct the multiple narratives of daily life?


In Hauntings, James Hollis considers one’s transformation through the invisible world—how we are all governed by the presence of invisible forms—spirits, ghosts, ancestral and parental influences, inner voices, dreams, impulses, untold stories, complexes, synchronicities, and mysteries—which move through us, and through history. He offers a way to understand them psychologically, examining the persistence of the past in influencing our present, conscious lives and noting that engagement with mystery is what life asks of each of us. From such engagements, a deeper, more thoughtful, more considered life may come.


James Hollis, PhD is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst in private practice in Washington, D. C., where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington.  Additionally, he is the author of fourteen books and many articles, and Vice-President Emeritus of the Philemon Foundation, devoted to the publication of the unpublished writing of Jung.


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