The Golden Key


The Golden Key

to Executive Coaching

A guide for executive coaches that also contains value for all seeking to more fully integrate their authentic selves into their professional careers.


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Want to re-invigorate your coaching practice?
Are you looking to start up a coaching practice?
Either way it’s best to start with some inner work.

Executive coaches have complex responsibilities. They get drawn into the stress and pressure of 21st century business with its volatility, uncertainty and immense ambiguity to support and develop high potential leaders with heavy responsibilities.

The Golden Key to Executive Coaching is a unique contribution to the field of professional leadership development. What distinguishes Janet Steinwedel’s approach is her incorporation of the lessons of depth psychology-particularly the work of Carl Jung-into her outlook and methodology.

Within this accessible volume, Dr. Steinwedel also offers practical wisdom gleaned from her academic background in Human and Organizational Systems, in such corporate roles as Director of Leadership and Business Effectiveness at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Assistant Vice President of Leadership and Organization Development at Delaware Investments, and 10 years as President of Leader’s Insight, her own executive coaching company.

While The Golden Key is primarily written as a guide for other executive coaches, it contains much of value for all those seeking to more fully integrate their authentic selves into their professional careers. It may also serve as a “plain language” primer to the thought of Carl Jung, one of the most insightful, far-reaching minds of the 20th century.

“Janet Steinwedel’s The Golden Key is a profoundly useful addition to the theory and practice of
coaching. What so many of her predecessors have missed is the simple, but ineluctable fact that both
participants, coach and client, are human beings with their own psychological mechanisms and processes. Her book brings many of the insights of depth psychology to the practitioner who otherwise may be limited to behavioral strategies which in the end are always undermined by the human psyche. No relationships can be any more evolved than how we are related to our inner world, for what we ignore there will continue to tumble through us into the world. Steinwedel’s book brings insights and tools to this collaborative process which can only deepen the coaching practice through deepening the
James Hollis, PhD
Author and Jungian Analyst in Washington, D.C.

About Janet S. Steinwedel, PhD
As President of Leader’s Insight, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Effectiveness consultancy, Dr.
Steinwedel provides thought leadership as a consultant and executive coach. She assists leaders in
clarifying their goals and objectives and becoming more aware of themselves and their behaviors in
service to their aspirations and business results. With 25 years of experience working in such industries as pharmaceuticals, health care, financial services, insurance, communications, retail, and hospitality, Janet works effectively with a broad range of leaders. She uses an analytical framework which provides a
foundational understanding of personality and human behavior-conscious and unconscious processes. In addition to her own work with corporate executives, Janet devotes time to a “coaching for coaches”
process in which she helps other executive coaches with their personal and professional development.

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