My Four Homes


Manisha Roy recounts stories from her life, including visiting grandparents in the eastern part of Bengal through the process of becoming a Jungian analyst.


Manisha Roy recounts stories from her life, gathered around each of her four “homes.” The first two reflect her early life, visiting her grandparents in villages in what was then the eastern part of Bengal. She recalls the traditions, rituals, and mores of a well-to-do Indian family as she experienced them during her formative years. Her intelligence and curiosity set her on a path to academia, and she broke away, at great personal cost, thwarting the expectations of her family and culture and setting out to work, to love, and to see the world. In this memoir of a Bengali woman, she eventually finds her own inner home and herself in Carl Jung’s psychology and in the process of becoming a Jungian analyst.

Manisha Roy, PhD, is a geographer, anthropologist, and Jungian psychotherapist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has been a training analyst and on the faculty of the C. G. Jung Institute of Boston for thirty years. She has taught at universities in the United States, India, and Switzerland and lectured all over the world. She is the author of several books and many articles. Bengali Women, first published in 1976 and frequently used in women’s studies courses, is in its second edition and still in print.

Manisha Roy’s life is a journey of discovery and growth. The emotional reality of her story is compelling; the courage with which she confronted it is enviable. -Ralph W. Nicholas, William Rainey Harper Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

This extraordinary book reveals the life of a wondrous woman and her life journey from Assam to Calcutta and beyond. Thoroughly engrossing, I highly recommend it for women and men of all ages and times. -Georgiana Peacher, Professor Emeritus, City University of New York

Manisha Roy’s revealing memoir takes us from innocence to experience to understanding, from the child witnessing the religious practices of the Hindu pantheon to the young adult learning about love, sexuality, and the prejudice that still exists in India toward women. A fascinating story told through the eyes of an acute and honest observer. -Pat Carr, author of The House on Prytania

An extraordinary autobiography of a woman who started her life in feudal India, flaunted tradition by marrying a Marxist, and found Jung as a bridge between the modern and postmodern worlds. This is not only the unique story of a very courageous woman, it reveals the human capacity to stand between worlds and to learn that all great ideas must in the end serve humanity, nourish the human soul, and form relationships that are deep and meaningful. An outstanding contribution to our understanding of the human psyche! -John Hill, training analyst, ISAP, and author of At Home in the World


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