C. G. Jung


C.G. Jung sheds new light on Jung’s work and on the man himself, including his personal perspective on subjects from Freud to Hitler.


E.A. Bennet’s biography of C. G. Jung went to press just a few days before Jung’s death in 1961. Over the preceding fifteen years, Bennet had met frequently with Jung at his home and stayed there as his guest. Their many talks—about Jung’s childhood, his family, his career and the development of his ideas—yielded the material for this authorized biography. Thanks to Bennet’s unique opportunities to hear Jung’s personal perspective—on subjects from Freud to Hitler, and including a valuable correspondence about Aion—regarded as Jung’s most “difficult” book—C.G. Jung sheds new light for today’s scholars on Jung’s work and on the man himself.

Edward Armstrong Bennet (1888-1977), a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, held degrees from Trinity College in philosophy, theology, and medicine and was well known as an outstanding psychotherapist and lecturer. In addition to being Jung’s student and colleague, he was also a close personal friend for three decades. Bennet was a leader in introducing Jung’s psychotherapeutic approach to the English-speaking world. He was the author of several books.

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