Register today – Poetic inquiry: Working with Images

Register today – 
Poetic inquiry: Working with Images

In this course, poet, editor, literary/Jungian scholar and Chiron author Dr. Roula-Maria Dib will help you recognize how poetry can be a form of conversation with another medium of art, specifically the visual. This dialogue with images not only offers moments of transcendence and beauty, but it opens inner channels of understanding ourselves and the world, creating new modes of knowledge. Part theory, part application and workshopping, this course will lead you through a journey in which you will explore how the way and angle from which we contemplate and engage with images affects our writing about them.

This will be the first course of the recently launched London Arts-Based Research Centre, which will be a platform for scholars and creatives who are interested in taking online research and creative writing courses.

The online course will meet every Thursday from 
January 19-February 16, from 6:30-8:30 pm (GMT). 
A special 20% discount is available for those who register through Chiron. Please use the promo code LABRC20

Simply Being 
by Dr. Roula-Maria Dib


Simply Being is a celebration book of the various facets of life, its blessings, beauties, and challenges. 
Exploring the richness of our manifold existence seen through the many different lenses beyond the quotidian and the mundane, Roula-Maria Dib looks at the multifariousness of reality and nuances of the self with its different roles and experiences, peeking into the parallel worlds of myth, and art, which infuse our everyday life.

About Roula-Maria Dib

Roula-Maria Dib (PhD, Leeds) is a creative writer and literary scholar. Currently, she is a professor of English at the American University in Dubai, and editor-in-chief of Indelible, the university’s literary journal.

Her poems, essays, and articles have appeared in several journals. Her book, Jungian Metaphor in Modernist Literature, was published in March 2020. She is a member of the International Association for Jungian Studies, the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies, and the British Association for Modernist Studies. The themes that pervade her work usually revolve around different aspects of human nature, ekphrasis, surrealism, and mythology.