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Thank you for visiting Chiron Publications. We have 35 years of publishing experience and over 200 titles to explore. We so value the many Jungian journals out there and have a special affiliation with Quadrant.  We’ve listed some recent Jungian books below in which you may be interested.  Please also browse through our categories and visit our home page.

Also, we would like to offer you a 20% discount on all psychology books on this website.

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Click for:  Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship

Click for: A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump


The Unconscious roots  jacob-and-esau  neumann-the-relationship-between-jung-and-neumann

Crossing the Owls  corbett-soul-in-anguish corpus-anima 

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