Jane Weldon has been a practicing psychotherapist for 35 years and continues to be captivated by the mystery and inspiration of the work. Initially trained as a teacher, she taught movement dance for several years for both students and faculty at schools in southern New Hampshire, and for the Arts Council of Keene. Graduating from Antioch University in New Hampshire in 1983 with a Masters in Counseling, she earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a depth perspective from the Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 2004.

In her early twenties Jane lived for three years in an isolated cabin on a small mountain in New Hampshire with no running water or electricity. This formative experience of “chop wood, carry water” on Pudding Hill taught her the virtues of voluntary simplicity, and how to live in a world often lost to depth, silence and inner meaning.

In 1983 Jane moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to begin working as a psychotherapist and still lives there with her husband Morgan and dog Bodhi. Efforts towards simplicity and contemplation continue to be the center of her life.

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