Meredith Oenning-Hodgson, originally from Colorado, is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst. During 32 years living in Germany she developed a deep affinity for the country’s culture and literature, especially Goethe. Her first Master’s degree was from the University of Oregon, her second from the University of Frankfurt. She earned her diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Jung Institute, where she later became a training analyst and teacher. After 15 years working in private practice in Frankfurt, she moved to Edmonton, Canada, where she established a Jung Forum, held weekly discussion groups, and taught at the University of Alberta. She lectured at various Canadian centers. While maintaining a full private practice, she published articles in “Psychological Perspectives” and wrote a chapter for the book Mother Life. By 2008 symptoms of Parkinson’s disease violently disrupted her life. The Hiss of Hope tells of an amazing voyage to an intimate autonomy, to a radically different structural pattern of relating, and to a second birth. After a particularly cold winter, she awaits the return of the dragonflies.

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