Lena Måndotter is a singer/song-therapist (dipl. RSA – the Royal Society of Arts/London) and a Jungian psycho -analyst (dipl. ISAP – The International School of Analytical Psychology, Zürich, AGAP/IAAP). For the last 30 years Lena has given courses, seminars and individual sessions in song-therapy and the healing power of creativity. She is a regular teacher at ISAP – The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zürich. The focus of her work is the transpersonal dimension of sound and psyche, song and soul. She has also taught at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Malmö University and for many Jungian organizations and other centers and companies. Besides her Jungian psychoanalytic and song-therapeutic trainings Lena has also done extensive studies with internationally known writer and Jungian analyst Marion Woodman and her BodySoul Rhythms courses.
To deepen her knowledge in creativity she has studied literature and poetry at Lund’s University in Sweden and other studies in music, photography, film, art, and performance.
Lena’s film, “Letters to a Young Singer, a journey into the mythological world of song and soul,” was filmed in the Cretan mountains of Greece, where she lived for many years. The film had its premiere at one of Sweden’s biggest film-festivals and has then been shown at various venues, festivals and international seminars. Besides her therapeutic work Lena has been involved in many creative projects within the world of music, poetry, painting, and photography.
Many of her performances and audio-visual installations have been shown at Malmö Konsthall, one of Northern Europe’s largest exhibition spaces of contemporary art. She has published several books of poetry and about travels she has made to Tibet, Ladakh, Nepal, Burma, India, Mexico, Guatemala, and Greece.
She has given photographic exhibitions and released a series of music-albums and toured nationally and internationally since 1990. Her creative work has been awarded many grants and funding from well-known cultural institutions and during her long artistic carrier both media and audience have given a warm response.
For more information about Lena Måndotter’s artistic, psychoanalytic, and song-therapeutic work: www.lenamandotter.com

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