Dott Kelly has worked with children for 45 years, dedicated to finding their own in-roads to their experiences. She has been a child mental health therapist working with young children and their families for about 35 years.
In 1999, Dott founded Jumping Mouse Children’s Center, focused on children ages 2½ through 12. She expanded her emphasis on young children while training and supervising over 60 therapists. Dott was recognized by Sandplay Therapists of America for her training in in-depth work of sand, symbol, and metaphor.
Trained in Sexual Assault programs, she has mentored domestic violence advocates working with children. Dott has consulted in school programs, in interagency meetings with state Child Protective Services, and in court systems. She teaches workshops in clinics and universities about infant trust, trauma, development, and working with the very young.

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