Allan Guggenbühl is a Psychologist & Jungian Psychotherapist in Zürich, Switzerland; Prof emeritus of the University of Education of the State of Zürich; Director of the Institute for Conflict management (IKM AG) in Zürich; and former director of the department for group psychotherapy at the education counselling centre in Bern. He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and Zürich, Switzerland. He is one the most renowned child and adolescent psychologist of Switzerland and an accomplished book author in the German speaking world. Guggenbühl gives lectures on a regular basis in China, Japan, and the neighbouring EU-Countries of Switzerland. He is an author of numerous articles (NZZ) and has written books on adolescents, wisdom, men, school, group therapy, conflict management, violence, and bullying. Contact him at or His focus is the well-being of children and adolescents in conflict situations, be it in families, among peers or at school. He developed Mythodrama, an approach in group therapy, which relies on specially selected stories, which enable children and adolescents to be aware of their concerns, voice their problems, and find solutions.

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