Preorder today –  Whispers of the Soul: New and Selected Poems

Preorder today – 
Whispers of the Soul:
New and Selected Poems


Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming December 1 release of Whispers of the Soul: New and Selected Poems by Patricia Greer. The book, consisting of over 60 poems, will be a thoughtful holiday gift.
Whispers Of The Soul
…Sometimes Gentle
…Sometimes Fierce
A collection of poems that range from expressions of gratitude for the gifts of nature, to musings about aging and the fragility of life, to insights about women’s issues and concerns, to observations about the complexities of family dynamics, to reflections about writing and therapy.

About the Author

Patricia Greer, MA, PhD, is a retired psychotherapist and Jungian analyst who has worked primarily with women for more than thirty-five years. She has listened to their stories and has felt privileged to walk with them on their paths of individuation, of becoming more fully and authentically themselves.

She is the author of two previous books: Breast Cancer, A Soul Journey, an exploration of the potential insights and wisdom that may be gained from a life crisis, and the companion volume,Soul Play, A Workbook to Inspire and Guide Your Soul Journey.

In her work, in her writing, and in her life, she has long been a seeker of soul, a journeyer who looks into and underneath ordinary moments to access a depth of understanding and meaning.

Also Available from Patricia Greer
Breast Cancer: A Soul Journey

Breast cancer can be a wake-up call for many women. It interrupts our lives and may demand that we pay attention to the way we are living. This book explores associations and images that surround the illness, and offers a possible map for your own soul journey.

This is one woman’s very personal story, but it touches on universal themes that may resonate with many women. Patricia works with metaphors and meanings that connect to cancer; she uses her dreams, inner journeys, and poetry to probe beneath the literal ordeal of cancer and find greater self-awareness and authenticity.

Soul Play: A Workbook To Inspire And Guide Your Soul Journey
Women who read Patricia Greer’s first book, Breast Cancer: A Soul Journey, asked for a workbook for their own journeys of personal exploration. She offers this companion volume as a guide for those who want to discover inner wisdom. Accessible and conversational, this book contains suggestions, questions, and examples which will be helpful for anyone who wants to look within themselves to find insights and direction for their lives.