Is it possible for a woman to be empowered and be happy? Exciting new release explores this question from a research perspective


Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the release of Inspired to Greatness:  A Feminine Approach to Healing the World

Inspired to Greatness puts forward a compelling call to us women to find an authentic balance between living in the world in a powerful way and finding happiness in our personal lives. It makes clear not only that we need to do this for ourselves but that it’s equally important that we do so for the world we live in.” – Dr. Christine Downing, author of The Goddess 

Inspired to Greatness:  A Feminine Approach to Healing the World explores the question of is it possible for a woman to be empowered and be happy from a research perspective, utilizing the method of narrative analysis to examine women’s one-on-one interviews.  What makes this book special is the focus on the narrative voice of the women participants, which differentiates it from previous explorations and research. 

Participants are among those Western women who are a part of the vanguards who infiltrated the male dominated workforce and advanced toward significant empowerment.  The findings suggest that a fear-based survival mode is keeping women, who outwardly seem empowered, from an inner feeling of empowerment and thus from happiness.  The participants spoke of being called to greater fulfillment in their lives and recognized that conscious active responsibility would be necessary to satisfy those needs, though in many cases it remained unclear whether they would decide to act upon the realization or not.  It is of great importance that we pay attention to such women’s interpretation of their experiences.

A healthy society does rely on women rising, and destiny is inviting women at this time in history to shake off old outworn personas and beliefs and step into the Sun.  Author Tracy Cooper concludes women are the solution and society has a moral obligation to support women’s growing roles as an effective strategy to benefit the collective.

Tracy Cooper is a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, specializing in integrative therapy and personal empowerment.  At the University of California, Berkeley she was a psychotherapist within the Psychological Services department.  Presently, she is a psychotherapist offering comprehensive care to patients with chronic medical conditions and serious mental illness.

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