Permission to use Copyright Protected Material from Chiron Group
Chiron Publications, innerQuest, and KOA books


Thank you for your interest in reproducing copyrighted material from a Chiron Group publication.

The material published by the Chiron Group (Chiron Publications, innerQuest, and Koa Books) is protected by copyright and its use, without prior written permission from Chiron Group, is expressly prohibited and is a violation of copyright. Copyright protection includes: all rights to printed, digital, audio, video, film, television, stage, radio, foreign translation, or any other rights.
Please note that our grant of permission does not apply to any part of the material that is separately copyrighted. It is the responsibility of the party requesting permission to determine, based on the credit lines or source notations listed in the book, the correct copyright source for the material.

The Chiron Group utilizes the Copyright Clearance Center to process most permission requests. We ask that you visit the Copyright Clearance Center if you are seeking permission for copyright protected material. If permission is granted, you must offer proper credit to the appropriate Chiron Group publishing imprint.  An example is provided below:
Reprinted from Title of Work, © 20XX by Copyright holder as listed on the backside of the Title Page (PLEASE use the latest edition of the work). The material is used by permission of Chiron Publications (or the appropriate Chiron Group imprint), Asheville, NC

If permission is granted through the Copyright Clearance Center we ask that you notify our staff of the details of the use by sending an email to: with your receipt from the Copyright Clearance Center.

If your request requires additional attention you may send an email inquiry to 

Please be prepared to furnish specific information of the person making the request.
email address of the person making the request.

It is important you furnish information about where the material will appear.
Pages where the material is found and the for which permission is being sought,
Total page & word count,
If illustrations are being requested, the total number of illustrations involved.

ONLY nonexclusive English language rights will be considered.

Electronic formats
If rights to publish in electronic format, Audio Book, Video or other media are requested you must be prepared to specify what format. In addition, please indicate if the material will be password protected, and website address where the material will appear.

Display of Book Covers
That cover design and images are considered Copyright Protected material and their use requires permission from the Publisher.

Webinar, video, film, television, stage, radio rights
In the case of webinar, video, film, television, stage, radio rights, or any other rights – If the material and terms are approved, the agency reproducing the material should provide an image of the Chiron Group publication on the agency’s website and include direct links to purchase it from the Chiron Group website address at our online bookstores:  The image used for any Webinar or other online promotion and hypertext link should be live 30 days prior to any webinar or use of material in another venue.

Recognition of a Chiron Group imprint and its publications, and linking to the Chiron Group’s online bookstores DOES NOT grant permission to use Chiron Group copyrighted material.