New release examines similarities between Jung, Plato

Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the release of Platonic Jung and the Nature of SelfHow does Jung model his psychology on Plato’s philosophy? The Platonic Jung gives us a clear look at the remarkable similarities between the two, particularly in the structure of the cosmos and psyche, and in the nature of the self. The Platonic Jung re-unites philosophy and psychology and expresses the message these two great men imparted to the world; that the soul is the true self, and is worth finding.

“Dr. Weldon has given us a scholarly account of Jung’s Platonic roots. She has a refined and thoughtful approach to esoteric thought and the subtle dimension of reality, grounded in her own experiences. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the deeper levels of Jung’s cosmology and his notions of the Self and the soul.” -Dr. Lionel Corbett

“One of the central issues informing and motivating the work of depth psychology is the paradox between being different and separate while, at the same time, in unity and whole with something larger, even universal. One might call this the human condition or humankind’s biggest mystery; it has been explored in religion, philosophy, psychology, cosmology and literature. In this audacious and ground-breaking work, Dr. Jane Weldon dives headlong into this subject which she calls ‘dual-unity’ through a detailed and mind-blowing comparison of the writings of Plato and Carl Jung on the topic. In so doing, Dr. Weldon brings fresh perspective to complex concepts such as the Self, the soul, the archetypes, individuation, the subtle immaterial body, psychoid matter, psychological transformation, the dynamics of ‘opposites’ and the emergence of the ‘third’ as platform for the opposites to interact and possibly unite or reconcile; her work touches on virtually every core idea in both Plato and Jung. In addition, the important theories developed are also grounded in the author’s personal experiences and their application to clinical practice. This is a strong addition to the body of Jungian exploration and a must-read for those in its throes.” -Jeffrey C. Miller, Ph.D.

Jane Weldon has been a practicing psycho-therapist for 35 years and continues to be captivated by the mystery and inspiration of the work. Graduating from Antioch University in New Hampshire in 1983 with a Masters in Counseling, she earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a depth perspective from the Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 2004.



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