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Map of the Soul – 7: Persona, Shadow & Ego in the World of BTS
by Murray Stein
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Map of the Soul : 7, a capstone of a 3-album project by the world-famous band BTS, is intended to reveal the inner landscape of the human soul that is packed with rich symbolism and woven together with BTS’s signature sound and moves. Starting with the lyrics, this book launches into a deep, engaging examination of the album in the light of the psychology of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. The many layers of meaning embedded in the number 7 are brought to light, along with several fundamental concepts of Jungian psychology.

Fans of BTS from around the world will marvel at the depth of meaning in the songs contained in Map of the Soul : 7. They take the listener into deep reflection upon the meaning of striving and ambition, the perils of worldly success, and the resiliency of the human spirit. These songs are landmarks on the soul’s map that offer guidance for living and for relating to others and the world at large.

Like Carl Jung whose dreams anticipated the dark period of world wars the 20th Century witnessed, Dr. Stein suggests that the song Black Swan may be a collective foretelling of the dark, deadly period of the pandemic that overtook the world in early 2020. For 21st Century people caught in the profound complexities of modern life, Map of the Soul 7: Persona, Shadow & Ego in the World of BTS is like a compass that helps the seeker to find their way. 


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: BTS and the Number 7
Chapter 2: Reflections on the Lyrics of BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7
Chapter 3: A Review of the Map of the Soul
Chapter 4: An Introduction to Persona
Chapter 5: BTS, Jung and the True Self
Chapter 6: Persona and Your Identity
Chapter 7: Love Yourself, Know Your Name, Speak Yourself
Chapter 8: An Introduction to Shadow
Chapter 9: The Shadow
Chapter 10: An Introduction to Ego
Chapter 11: The Ego

Releasing May 15 
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Sanctuary: The Inner Life of Home
Featuring contributions from Jean Shinoda Bolen, James Hollis, Tom Singer, Helen Marlo, Gilda Frantz, John Hill and many more
If you want to get to know someone, listen to their story of home. Intimacy builds as we ask: Where do you come from? What did you leave behind? Where do you feel safe? In Sanctuary, these questions are explored by Jungian analysts, architects and historians, scientists, and storytellers. Contributors also consider how climate change, Black Lives Matter, and an unprecedented wave of global refugees are impacting our notions of home and hospitality.

New Releases


Volume 8 of
The Collected Writings of Murray Stein
Psychology and Spirituality
While the Jungian approach to spirituality departs from specific religious beliefs and practices and does not privilege any in particular, it retains an attitude of respect for the variety of experiences of the numinous and for all God images. Spirituality is a central feature of the individuation process. The essays in this volume of The Collected Writings of Murray Stein are dedicated to reflecting on and expanding this core principle.

Murder On Family Grounds: 
A Mary Wandwalker Mystery
The third book in Susan Rowland’s 
Mary Wandwalker Mystery Series!

Volume 9 of the Collected Works of 
Marie-Louise von Franz – 
C.G. Jung His Myth in Our Time
For contemporary readers, scholars, and those intrigued by the depths of the unconscious, von Franz’s tribute to Jung provides a wealth of insights, underscoring the enduring impact and relevance of their combined legacies.

Coming Soon
Jung and the Epic of Transformation 
Volume 1, Wolfram von Eschenbach’s “Parzival” 
and the Grail as Transformation

Varieties of Nothingness

Slender Threads: 
A Conversation with Robert A. Johnson

C.G. Jung: Face to Face with Christianity – Conversations on Dreaming the Myth Onward
Releasing August 19
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Chiron Author Featured in 
New York Times; Book focuses on Trauma of War
Maxine Hong Kingston, author of Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace, was recently featured in the New York Times Unstoppable Series
Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace is a harvest of creative, redemptive storytelling—nonfiction, fiction, and poetry—spanning five wars and written by those most profoundly affected by it.

This poignant collection, compiled from Maxine Hong Kingston’s healing workshops, contains the distilled wisdom of survivors of five wars, including combatants, war widows, spouses, children, conscientious objectors, and veterans of domestic abuse.

Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace includes accounts from people that grew up in military families, served as medics in the thick of war, or came home to homelessness. All struggle with trauma – PTSD, substance abuse, and other consequences of war and violence. Through their extraordinary writings, readers witness worlds coming apart and being put back together again through liberating insight, community, and the deep transformation that is possible only by coming to grips with the past.

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