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The Labyrinth Of Love:
The Path to a Soulful Relationship
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A helpful and enlightening guidebook from an expert couples therapist that demystifies the challenges of love, then teaches us about six “love capacities” any couple can develop to set them on the path of a soulful, enduring relationship.

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Volume 8 of
The Collected Writings of Murray Stein
Psychology and Spirituality
While the Jungian approach to spirituality departs from specific religious beliefs and practices and does not privilege any in particular, it retains an attitude of respect for the variety of experiences of the numinous and for all God images. Spirituality is a central feature of the individuation process. The essays in this volume of The Collected Writings of Murray Stein are dedicated to reflecting on and expanding this core principle.

Murder On Family Grounds: 
A Mary Wandwalker Mystery
The third book in Susan Rowland’s 
Mary Wandwalker Mystery Series!
Releasing March 1 – Pre-order Today!

New Releases
Mind of State: 
Conversations on the Psychological Conflicts 
Stirring U.S. Politics & Society
Drawn from the Mind of State podcast, this compilation of conversations helps fit together the broken pieces of our American psycho-political jigsaw puzzle.

Our Uncertain World: 
Challenges and Opportunities in a Dark Time
We live in times of uncertainty and anxiety. In these times, how can we best navigate our unknowns? Our Uncertain World answers that question through a Jungian prism.

Psychedelics and Individuation: 
Essays by Jungian Analysts
Are we entering into a brave new world of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy that will radically affect the way we understand the unconscious, or are we chasing a will-o-the wisp, an illusory promise of rapid success without the painstaking work required of careful psychoanalysis?

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