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Here is a look back at the 2021 Chiron titles…

2021 Releases
A Mystical Path Less Traveled: A Jungian Psychological Perspective – Journal Notes, Poems, Dreams, and Blessings
Drawing on the Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, on the discoveries of modern science, and on mystical traditions from numerous world religions, this book proposes a psychological mysticism that preceded, and now replaces, the historical theological mysticism that has been dependent on theistic images of god. Such images are no longer meaningful for many people – or necessary.

As a Jungian transpersonal psychotherapist, Jung’s symbols and archetypes inspired the mystical world of Lauren Sleeman’s novel, Behold. Alchemy also plays a significant role in this magical fantasy, a journey of personal and collective transformation. The many layers of archetypal consciousness in human experience are brought to light in a humorous yet “instructive” way.

The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz
Volumes 1, 2 & 3


Chiron Publications is honored to publish the newly translated volumes of the Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz, one of the most renowned authorities on fairytales.

Von Franz amplifies a variety of fairytale motifs to show that the magical realm is alien to the profane and mundane realm of ordinary daily life. She was one of Analytical Psychology’s most original thinkers and here she presents a lucid, concise exploration of the archetypal symbols found in fairytales.

The Collected Writings of Murray Stein
Volume 3 – Transformations
In Volume 3 of Murray Stein’s Collected Writings, the focus is on Transformation—a word used often in discussions of psychological and spiritual development. 
The works in this collection are directed at an assessment of this developmental process on a personal, individual level as well as on a cultural level.

Coming Together – Coming Apart: 
The Play of Opposites in Love Relationships
Relationships are hard enough to negotiate without advice from outsiders who don’t know you at all. This book is not a “how-to” aimed at attaining the ideal. Rather, it is a how-it-is, an exploration of how relationships are, how they develop, how they deteriorate, how they may end and how they may even revive.

Haunted – the Death Mother Archetype
The disturbing experience of psychological infanticide reflects the darkest aspect of the wounding of the Sacred Feminine – the Death Mother archetype that annihilates rather than nurtures life. 
Through myth, story, classic literature, biography, poems, art and dreams, Dr. Violet Sherwood weaves together symbolic aspects of psychological infanticide with psychoanalytic theory of traumatic attachment and the literal truth of a centuries-old history of infanticide.

In Brigid’s Footsteps: The Return of the Divine Feminine
In Brigid’s Footsteps: The Return of the Divine Feminine focuses on the Celtic goddess and Christian saint Brigid as an archetype of the Divine Feminine. 
Drawing on mythology, history, and transpersonal psychology, the author traces the iconic Brigid’s evolution from incarnation as goddess of wisdom, craft, and healing to embodiment as a saint of Celtic Christianity who served as midwife to Mary at the birth of Jesus.

Jung And Aging: 
Possibilities And Potentials For The Second Half Of Life
Aging-what it is and how it happens-is one of today’s most pressing topics. Most people are either curious or concerned about growing older and how to do it successfully. 
We need to better understand how to navigate the second half of life in ways that are productive and satisfying, and Jungian psychology, with its focus on the discovery of meaning and continuous development of the personality is especially helpful for addressing the concerns of aging.

Lost and Found In East Jesus
Appalachian folklore, echoes of a Biblical apocalypse, life in a circus town and more come together in the debut short story collection by David E. Peeler. Murderous backwoods preachers pursue the innocent through the mountains of North Carolina and rabbit eared nudists serve as spiritual guides in Lost and Found in Jesus. 
In the footsteps of writers like Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy, Peeler explores our common humanity as it is revealed in characters and settings that are strange and eccentric, mystical and sacred, often humorous and at times tragic.

Prisms: Reflections on This Journey We Call Life

Prisms: Reflections on the Journey We Call Life summarizes a lifetime of observing, engaging, and exploring why we are here, in service to what, and what life asks of us. These eleven essays, all written recently, examine how we understand ourselves, and often we have to reframe that understanding, the nature and gift of comedy, the imagination, desire, as well as our encounters with narcissism, and aging.

James Hollis, Ph.D., a Jungian Analyst in Washington, D.C., explores the roadblocks we encounter and our on-going challenge to live our brief journey with as much courage, insight, and resolve as we can bring to the table.

Simply Being
Simply Being is a celebration of the various facets of life, its blessings, beauties, and challenges. 
Exploring the richness of our manifold existence seen through the many different lenses beyond the quotidian and the mundane, Roula-Maria Dib looks at the multifariousness of reality and nuances of the self with its different roles and experiences, peeking into the parallel worlds of myth, and art, which infuse our everyday life.

The Best of James Hollis: Wisdom for the Inner Journey

The Best of James Hollis: Wisdom for the Inner Journey is a collection of excerpts from the writings of James Hollis, PhD, Jungian psychotherapist and author. These selections, compiled by editor Logan Jones, span across his body of work from The Middle Passage (1993) to Prisms (2021) organized into different topics ranging from the psychological concepts of Carl Jung to the everyday tasks of our living and callings.

Hollis’s wisdom will challenge readers to find their own path, to be who they are called to be, to take the risks to trust their soul, and thus live a life worthy of their unique gifts. Hollis’s writings ask us to live a deeper and more authentic life.

The God-Image: From Antiquity to Jung
Lionel Corbett’s book describes the development of images of God, beginning in antiquity and culminating in Jung’s notion of the Self, an image of God in the psyche that Jung calls the God within. Over the course of history, the Self has been projected onto many local gods and goddesses and given different names and attributes. These deities are typically imagined as existing in a heavenly realm, but Jung’s approach recalls them to their origins in the objective psyche.

The Labyrinth Of Love: The Path to a Soulful Relationship
Why is love so difficult? Is there such a thing as a soulmate? Why can’t I find someone to love me just the way I am? Why does the person I gave my heart to in the early days now feel so distant or even dangerous? When love goes bad, is there a way to turn things around? If we lost each other along the way, can we find each other again? In the wake of betrayal, can trust ever be rebuilt?


In this helpful and enlightening book, expert couples therapist, Dr. Chelsea Wakefield, explains why couples who begin with such hopeful expectations become disenchanted, withdraw into self-protection or become entangled in unresolvable conflicts. She provides step by step guidance out of these shadowlands, and teaches six essential “love capacities” any couple can develop that will open the path to a soulful, enduring relationship.

The Necktie and the Jaguar: 
A memoir to help you change your story and find fulfillment
Compelling reading for anyone seeking the courage to make more conscious choices and live fully awake, The Necktie and The Jaguar is a memoir with thought-provoking questions that encourage self-exploration. Author Carl Greer—businessman, philanthropist, and retired Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist—offers an illuminating roadmap to individuation and personal transformation.

The Self in Jungian Psychology: 
Theory and Clinical Practice
Realizing the Self is the absolute goal of Jungian psychology. Yet as a concept it is impossibly vague as it defines a center of our being that also embraces the mystery of existence. This work synthesizes the thousands of statements Jung made about the Self in order to bring it to ground, to unravel its true purpose, and to understand how it might be able to manifest.

There You Are – Marion Woodman: 
Biography of a Friendship

How deep can a friendship go?

Jill Mellick explores the grace, challenges, and gifts of an unexpected, instantly deep friendship with Marion Woodman. She documents with letters, calls, journals, memories, and photographs.

Timeless moments—singing, dancing, opening arms to storms, holding public events or retreats by the Pacific and on an island in Georgian Bay, home stays, creating words and music together—unfold. Across decades, they exchange letters about external and internal journeys. Their friendship and love endure, together, apart, through harrowing, life-threatening illnesses each; Mellick even secures Woodman a second opinion, which saves her life.

Unveiling Sophia: Heart Wisdom in an Age of Technology
Eternal feminine wisdom synchronizes the human heartbeat with the heartbeat of the universe. The Dalai Lama famously proclaimed that Western Women can save the world. But many modern women are painfully dissociated from Sophia, their inner spring of feminine wisdom and the primal source of their power and nurturance.

Whispers of the Soul: New and Selected Poems


A collection of poems that range from expressions of gratitude for the gifts of nature, to musings about aging and the fragility of life, to insights about women’s issues and concerns, to observations about the complexities of family dynamics, to reflections about writing and therapy.