Dream Paradise, Here We Come: How to Create Powerful Intentions for Conscious Dreaming Activities

Mark your calendars and start filling out your dream journals for a special Psychreative session on Tuesday, November 29th, 7:00 pm (London time)!
The session will start off with a special immersive “dream planning” talk by Florian Divitschek, followed by a series of poetry readings by notable poets and psychologists Joan Leotta, Hedy Habra, Adam Wyeth, Aaron Mason, Claude Barbre, and Gottfried Maria Heuer!
About the introductory talk/workshop tiltled, “Dream Paradise, Here We Come: How to Create Powerful Intentions for Conscious Dreaming Activities”:
During this experimental session we will look into
· How to establish a direct connection with your dreaming mind
· Why you would like to do that?! (The Benefits)
· Which kind of language your dreaming mind prefers to be spoken in
· How to prepare a solid structure you can rely on once you find yourself aware in dream time
Structure of the session:
· Introduction to the topic
· How to create a solid dream plan
· Where a dream plan may find it’s resolution/realization
· Dream plan examples & ideas
· Creating a dream plan
· Group sharing
· Q&A
Bio of the introductory speaker:
Florian Divitschek is an active dreaming teacher as well as a mindfulness of dream and sleep expert with an academic background in visual arts. Born in Austria, he studied oil painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and traditional Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan.
Driven by the question, how to make the invisible visible, Florian involves himself deeply in the art of dream yoga and shamanic dream practices. He developed the method known as “Dream Decoding Drawing” as a visual approach to unlock subconscious information, helping dreamers to build an intimate relationship with their inner world.
If he is not traveling to remote corners of this planet, you will most probably find him teaching in Austria, Czech Republic, or online. Through the insightful world of conscious and active dreaming, Florian will help you to dream your life.