BTS and the

BTS and the "Map of the Soul"

BTS offers amazing psychological insights in their series of albums, Map of the Soul: 7. Their series is based on the 1998 book, Jung’s Map of the Soul, written by Swiss psychologist Murray Stein. Dr. Stein has broadened his concepts in a new book that analyzes BTS’s profound lyrics and dives into such concepts as Persona, Ego and Shadow sung about by BTS themselves. The books have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Spanish and soon Vietnamese and Indonesian. Formats include Audible, Kindle, hardcover and paperback. Join us in this incredible journey.

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Korean: 영혼의 지도: 우리의 많은 얼굴들

Chinese: 心灵地图:人格面具: 我们的多重面孔

Spanish: Mapa del Alma – Persona: Nuestras Muchas Caras