Brief Video Biography of Marie-Louise von Franz

Please enjoy this brief video biography of Marie-Louise von Franz, presented by Dr. Steven Buser.

At the age of eighteen, while still in high school, Marie-Louise von Franz met Carl Jung at his Bolingen Tower. She later described this as the most decisive encounter of her life.  She entered analysis with him months later, completed her doctorate in classical philology and began seeing her first analysands soon after.  She was wholeheartedly dedicated to the unconscious, both in her own life and that of her analysands.  She developed a far-reaching expertise in fairytales, alchemy, synchronicity and numbers. She is estimated to have personally analyzed over 65,000 dreams.  She was a prolific writer and a highly sought-after teacher.  

Listening to von Franz lecture was a numinous experience. I thought God was speaking. She seemed to know everything. In an amazing fashion and without a text, she ranged over history West and East, mythology, philosophy, anthropology, and a host of other specialized areas. Never in my training had I heard such far-reaching and profound reflections. (Murray Stein, PhD)

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