Author Testimonials

  • Kim Bateman

    Kim Bateman

    “Communicative and supportive! Chiron helped me reflect on the strengths of my manuscript and shine them forth.”

    -Kim Bateman, author of Crossing the Owl’s Bridge: A Guide for Grieving People Who Still Love
  • Tracy Cooper

    Tracy Cooper

    “Chiron Publications is refreshing and professional! Writing a book and finding a publishing home is no easy task, when your very soul is attached to the process. I feel grateful for entering into this splendid journey with Chiron Publications. Each step of the publishing process was handled with careful attention to my vision as an author while holding the highest levels of excellence and professionalism from customer service, to design and quality, and now in book promotion. I feel appreciation for them leading me through what could have been a lion’s den into a field of poppies and I published with a smile. Much gratitude!”

    -Tracy Cooper, Inspired to Greatness: A Feminine Approach to Healing the World
  • Joyce Hudson

    Joyce Hudson

    “Having previously published with a major publishing house and a university press, I especially appreciate the true spirit of partnership I have found at Chiron. My voice was heard at every step of the publishing process. I could not be happier with the design and quality of the finished book, on which I was granted much input. Promotion has been more than satisfactory: a small press can give so much more attention to each book than a large press is able to do. My experience with Chiron has been nothing but positive. I would definitely choose it again over a larger publisher.”

    -Joyce Hudson, author of Natural Spirituality: A Handbook for Jungian Inner Work in Spiritual Community

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  • Eve Maram

    Eve Maram

    As I stated in my Acknowledgements (Psychopathy Within), ‘I will remain forever grateful to all the people at Chiron Publications for believing in me and giving this project life.’ Truer words were never spoken.

    The overall level of customer service I have received/continue to receive from Chiron has been exemplary—a healthy balance of relational and professional. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the unanticipated creativity in layout and design of my book. I learned about book promotion in ways I could not have anticipated and throughout my various learning experiences found that ultimately, Chiron provided solid and genuinely fitting responsivity and guidance for me and my particular needs regarding the publicity dimension.

    I am extremely grateful for my relationship with Chiron and look forward to its continued development. I feel most fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to work with individuals of this caliber in a realm that is so deeply important to me and the unfolding of my life’s meaning.”

    -Eve Maram, author of Psychopathy Within

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  • Hallfríður J Ragnheiðardóttir

    Hallfríður J Ragnheiðardóttir

    “In our first email exchange, Leonard Cruz, Editor-in-Chief at Chiron, introduced me to Tyche, goddess of good fortune whose name means “luck.” That poetic opening set the tone for the publishing process that lay ahead. I could not have been more pleased with the finished product.”

    -Hallfríður J. Ragnheiðardóttir, author of Quest for the Mead of Poetry
  • William & Linda Schoenl

    William & Linda Schoenl

    “Our Chiron experience is the best book publishing experience that we have had. We were very pleased with the creativity of the cover and the quality of the book. Chiron is doing an excellent job with its promotion.”

    -William Schoenl and Linda Schoenl, authors of Jung’s Evolving Views of Nazi Germany: From the Nazi Takeover to the End of World War II
  • Robert Skidmore

    Robert Skidmore

    “I trusted Chiron because of the quality of the books in their catalog and the authors for whom they have published. The gift was that they also believed in me, and helped bring to fruition an idea that started as a small, persistent seed. They accompanied me throughout the final editing of my manuscript, creation of its cover, and its going to press. A local bookseller, glancing at my book’s distribution statistics, effused about Chiron’s job in promoting it. I approached Chiron with the intuition they might do something special for me—and they exceeded that hope.”
  • Murray Stein

    Murray Stein

    “Working with the staff at Chiron has been a pleasure at every step of the way, from submission of the proposal for a book through the lengthy process of editing and polishing the manuscript to the final thrill of completing the opus in record time. The whole process could not have been more congenial for this author.”

    -Murray Stein, author of numerous Chiron books, including the new release Four Pillars of Jungian Psychoanalysis

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