Announcing the  Release of The Letters of  Hope Street!

What if a spirit from your past could guide you into your future? Beautifully illustrated, The Letters of Hope Street hints at how synchronicity occurs at just the right time to nudge us into our future. 
This is an ideal read for both the young adult and any avid reader.
…“Synchronicity. It’s when something occurs on the outside world that seems to coincide with the inner world of the individual. So, in your case, you were interested in finding out more about me, so I was called to help you. The bird that alighted on my grave was another little message that I was near. It is my soul bird. Symbols can manifest into the outside world that are connected to another world. Time doesn’t exist in the other world. The past, present and future are all one.” (excerpt from The Letters of Hope Street)

Also from Author Marie Newton
Dizzy and the Dreams
What surprises await us with our first encounter with the unconscious, coincidence, and mysterious ways of knowing? Dizzy’s portal into these realms that were explored by the great Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung is an engaging and ultimately joyful tale of such first encounters. Young readers will be delighted by Dizzy’s discovery that the places she draws can be revisited in her dreams. Older readers will resonate with the deeper truths that Dizzy, like all of us, must discover for herself. Dizzy and the Dreams is a book for all ages.
About the Author
Marie Newton was born near Liverpool, UK. She studied for a degree in English literature and history at John Moores University, Liverpool. She enjoys creative writing and is the author of The Letters of Hope Street and Dizzy and the Dreams. She lives in Leicester, UK.

Also Available from Chiron Publications
The Mythmaker
A Silver Nautilus Book Award Winner, The Mythmaker is a personal myth, a fiction, based on author and depth psychologist Dr. Mary Harrell’s life. After the sudden death of her mother, seven young children and an overwhelmed father were left to figure out what to do. Acknowledging that seminal happenings enwombed in our past seek re-membering, and in the tradition of personal mythtelling, Dr. Harrell, began a writer’s journey, to re-collect the meaning of her story. She proceeded in a series of spiralic returns gathering meaningful shards of symbolic experience.

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