Announcing the Release of  Jung’s Red Book for Our Time Volume 5!

 Announcing the Release of 
Jung’s Red Book for Our Time Volume 5

The essays contained in this fifth and final volume in the series, Jung’s Red Book for Our Time, were delivered at the Eranos Symposium on “Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul in the 21st Century,” held at Monté Veritá Conference Center in Ascona, Switzerland on April 28 – May 1, 2022. 
The papers contained in this volume are published in the order they were presented at the Symposium. They show a deep underlying coherence that was not consciously designed but rather seemed to obey a will of its own.
Do we, like Jung, need to leave the spirit of the time and follow the spirit of the depths, to call out “my soul, where are you?” through the windows of our now post-modern homes? We live in a digital world of incredible virtual inter-connectedness but at the same time fragmented and divided on many levels, including the psychological. The pace of life is rapid and ever accelerating. The spirit of the time is flux: It twitters. There is no sense of coherence in the whole. The guidance of a transcendent North Star is invisible to the naked eye of consciousness.

Our existential crisis is not about the individual alone. It infects the entire human world, like the Covid-19 pandemic. Wars between cultural brothers and sisters, increasingly dire effects of climate change, economic disruptions, hunger, migration—these conditions affect everyone on the planet. Is there a spirit of the depths that can take us through this Inferno, perhaps toward the emergence of a meaningful narrative that can stabilize the global community and provide a collective sense of “supreme meaning?” This is the search for soul in the 21st Century.

Table of Contents
  • INTRODUCTION by Murray Stein
  • CHAPTER 1 Acts of Imagination: The Creation of the (Inner) World by Murray Stein
  • CHAPTER 2 The Future of the Spirit in The Red Book and in Our Time by Romano Màdera
  • CHAPTER 3 The Call to a Collective Red Book of Our Times: Personal Journeys in the Story-Web of Deep Imagination by Stephen Aizenstat
  • CHAPTER 4 Voices of Wisdom in Times of Crisis: Responding to the Cries of Nature by Nancy Swift Furlotti
  • CHAPTER 5 Jung as Modern and Postmodern in his “Red Book”: Collective and Personal Crisis by Toshio Kawai
  • CHAPTER 6 Collective Individuation in The Red Book: The Self in the Troubled World by Leslie Stein
  • CHAPTER 7 Ecstasy and Subjection: Re-membering Dionysus and Addiction Treatment by Len Cruz
  • CHAPTER 8 Whom Shall I Send? Postmodern Revelation and the New Reality in Jung’s Red Book by Frank N. McMillan, III
  • CHAPTER 9 The Red Book and our Contemporary Crises: Further Considerations by Robert M. Mercurio
  • CHAPTER 10 Seeing and Not Seeing the Symbol: Greta Thunberg, the Indian Demon Devotee, and Jung’s Virgin Sophia by Al Collins and Elaine Molchanov
  • CHAPTER 11 Death and the Dead: Reflections on a Figure of Thought in Jung’s Red Book by Christine Maillard
  • CHAPTER 12 C.G. Jung’s Red Book: The Spirit of the Depths and the Knowledge of the Heart by Heyong Shen
  • CHAPTER 13 Going the Full Circle: Pattern Resonance from Microcosmic Interactions to Macrocosmic Amplifications by Linda Carter
  • CHAPTER 14 The Red Book and Other Searchers for the Soul: The Case of Klages and Jung by Paul Bishop
  • CHAPTER 15 Rebirth Symbols in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte in Florence (XI-XIII c.): Millenarian Anguishes and Eschatological Hopes in a Romanesque Architecture – From Joachim of Fiore to Jung’s Liber Novus by Riccardo Bernardini
  • CHAPTER 16 C.G. Jung and the Evolution of God: Imagination, Revelation, and Jung’s Answer to Job by Lance Owens
  • CHAPTER 17 Trailblazing, a Red Book Pathway: From Synchronicity to the Oracular Field by Joseph Cambray

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