About Us

The Chiron Group comprises three distinct book publishing imprints: Chiron Publications, innerQuest, and Koa Books.

Chiron Publications’ story began with the publication of the first volume of The Chiron Clinical Series, Transference/Countertransference, in 1983. This series was based on conferences held at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. El Rancho de los Brujos is an ancient setting where dinosaurs once roamed and various native tribes, including the Navajo, made their home. The Presbyterian Church purchased the property, and it has been an education and retreat center since that time. Georgia O’Keefe kept a studio on the property for many years, and some of her most famous paintings originated there.

Drs. Murray Stein and Nathan Schwartz-Salant founded Chiron Publications with a view to adding new and significant contributions to the Jungian literature with a particular emphasis on clinical writing. In time the list grew to include many other related materials. Murray began his career in publishing in 1970 with Dr. James Hillman, then owner of Spring Publications located in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1982, the idea for a new publishing company was born at a lunch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nathan’s connections in New York combined with both of their connections throughout the Jungian world and proved invaluable as Chiron Publications added authors and expanded its collection of titles—now numbering nearly 200. Chiron Publications went on to publish a wide variety of books by Jungian analysts and others in the field of Depth Psychology, Myth, and Society.

After building a well-respected, publishing company for 30 years, Murray and Nathan decided the time had come to pass Chiron on to the next generation. To their good fortune, as they continue to testify, when they established relations with Drs. Steve Buser and Len Cruz in Asheville, NC. Their growing confidence in Steve and Len led them to reach out to these two practicing psychiatrists with a demonstrated interest in Jung and to hand over the company into their keeping.

Dr. Steve Buser, a graduate of the Clinical Training Program of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, and Dr. Len Cruz, an avid student of Jung since residency years, had pioneered online education in the Jungian arena through the Asheville Jung Center. Steve and Len have practiced together for more than a decade and their combined gifts have been the recipe for Chiron’s renewed growth. Murray and Nathan remain committed to Chiron Publications and continue to serve in an emeritus capacity.

Chiron has published the works of many notable authors including: Marie Louise von Franz, Edward Edinger, Barbara Hannah, Robert Johnson, Murray Stein, Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Verena Kast, Carlos Byington, Aldo Carotenuto, John Boe, Deike & Ean Begg, Rafael Lopez-Pedraza, Sheila Zarrow, Harry Wilmer, Robert Moore, and many more.

Chiron’s headquarters are now located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina—a city with a rich literary heritage that includes O. Henry, Thomas Wolfe, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Chiron Publications is the Chiron Group’s original, flagship imprint. While many of Chiron Publications authors are Jungian analysts, we seek to be inclusive of authors with a Jungian, Depth-psychological orientation who are making significant contributions to the field. Chiron Publications only accepts completed, well-edited manuscripts. Please see submission guidelines.