3 Day Sale! All Jungian DVD’s Discounted to $7.99

3 Day Sale! All Jungian DVD’s Discounted to $7.99
We would like to offer our entire 10 year library of DVD’s at $7.99 each. These DVDs are usually $15.99 each. This sale includes all of the DVD’s in the Asheville Jung Center Library which include presentations on The Bible as Dream, Jungs Red Book for our Time, Erich Neumann, the Shadow, Fairy Tales, Alchemy, the feminine archetype, and more. Be sure to make your purchases by Sunday night to be eligible for the full discount.
We hope you are well!

The Asheville Jung Center

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All Jungian DVD’s $7.99!
3 Days Only!

DVD’s on Sale include, but are not limited to:

Carl Jung’s Red Book DVD Collection

The Shadow and the Problem of Evil Series

Jung and the World Religion Series

Jungian Alchemy Series

Jungian Exploration of Fairy Tales Series

Individuation: A Lifelong Journey
Erich Neumann Series
The 4 Pillars of Jungian Psychotherapy