Sanctuary:  The Inner Life of Home

Releasing May 15 
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The Inner Life of Home
Featuring contributions from Jean Shinoda Bolen, James Hollis, Tom Singer, Helen Marlo, Gilda Frantz, John Hill and many more
“This anthology explores our longing for sanctuary and the mythology of home from many viewpoints
—a treasure trove of storytelling.”
—Jean Shinoda Bolen
If you want to get to know someone, listen to their story of home. Intimacy builds as we ask: Where do you come from? What did you leave behind? Where do you feel safe? In Sanctuary, these questions are explored by Jungian analysts, architects and historians, scientists, and storytellers. Contributors also consider how climate change, Black Lives Matter, and an unprecedented wave of global refugees are impacting our notions of home and hospitality.
“Sanctuary considers our modern challenges of rootlessness, lack of time, loss of place. A timely meditation on our sense of longing and belonging
—and our search for home wherever we can find it.”
—Phil Cousineau
Jean Shinoda Bolen
James Hollis
Thomas Singer
Helen Marlo
Gilda Frantz
John Hill
Frank Beck
Sally V. Keil
Anthony Lawlor
Pythia Peay
Bayo Akomolafe
Biljiana Lipič
Andrea Plate
Valerie Andrews
Andrea Wells
Mary Reynolds Thompson
Joseph J. Ellis
Peggy Flynn
Phil Cousineau
Brian Swimme

About the Editor
Valerie Andrews is a writer, editor, and seminar leader specializing in Jungian psychology and the inner life of home. A graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, she is the author of A Passion for this Earth, praised by Marion Woodman as “a courageous book about our sacred marriage to the natural world,” the founder of Sacred Words: A Center for Healing Stories, and editor of the digital magazine, Reinventing Home: Culture, Creativity, Character. 
Andrews has contributed to Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, Parabola, Anima, The Sun, The Optimist, and DreamTime as well as to Esquire and New York magazine. She has also edited several books by Jungian analysts and interviewed Thomas Moore for the documentary, Care of the Soul.

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At Home In The World: 
Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging
by John Hill
Part of the Zurich Lecture Series and previously published by Spring Journal, this work offers a profound philosophical and psychological exploration of the multi-dimensional significance of home and the interwoven themes of homelessness and homesickness and contemporary global culture. 
Home is a particular dwelling place, as a cultural or national identity, as a safe temenos in therapy, and as a metaphor for the individuation process are analyzed expertly from multidisciplinary perspectives and, more poignantly, through the sharing of diverse narratives that bear witness to lives lived and endured from memories of homes lost and regained.

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