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Celebrate with Murray Stein on 
His 80th Birthday
Saturday, September 2
10 a.m. EDT
via Zoom
Join us for this free online event celebrating Murray Stein’s 80th birthday. We will be launching Chiron’s new book, Individuation Psychology: Essays in Honor of Murray Stein. Contributors to the book will be offering reflections on Murray’s long career and profound impact on analytical psychology.

Dr. Henry Abramovitch, 
author of Panic Attacks in Pistachio, 
joined Wisdom Path Colloquium 
to discuss his new book

Announcing Pacifica’s Graduate Institute’s Graduate Certificate: Contemporary Analytical Psychology and Neo-Jungian Studies

Pacifica’s Graduate Institute’s Graduate Certificate: Contemporary Analytical Psychology and Neo-Jungian Studies are uploaded online and registrations are open.

This course is ideal for and open to anyone interested in the work of C.G. Jung, the post-Jungians and Analytical Psychology as well as depth psychology who want to have a first contact with this discipline. No previous knowledge or degrees will be required to register. Lay person, psychologists, medical doctors, psychotherapists, other health professionals and nurses, students, teachers and researchers of psychology, sociology and social sciences and the humanities and other professionals of arts are welcome.

The course will be offered live via Zoom between September 9, 2023 and July 13, 2024

Fourteen live interactive learning sessions will be offered with world recognized Jungian analysts and scholars: George Hogenson, Alan Vaughan, Murray Stein, Verena Kast, John Beebe, Renate Daniel, Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ursula Brasch, Joseph Cambray, Ann Casement, Tom Singer, Sam Kimbels, Paul Bishop and Andrew Samuels.

Pacifica Online is pleased to partner with Jungeaneum/Dr. Stefano Carpani, to offer this one-of-a-kind graduate certificate course that connects you with world recognized authorities in Analytical Psychology and Neo-Jungian Studies whose individual and collective scholarship continues to shape the contours and influence the trajectory of the theory and practice of Jungian Psychoanalytic work.

Each interactive learning session will focus not only on foundational elements of Analytical Psychology, but on understanding the ways in which Jungian psychology speaks to the current epoch of polycrisis and the evolving understanding of cultural complexes and a pluralistic psyche.

Dr. Eve Maram joined 
Daniel T. Bourne to discuss her latest book, 
The Schizophrenia Complex

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts under channel name: Daniel T Bourne

Coming Soon from Chiron Publications:
Individuation Psychology:
Essays in Honor of Murray Stein
A Festschrift in Honor of
Dr. Stein’s 80th Birthday
Available September 2 – Pre-order Today!


Chiron Publications is honored to publish a Festschrift celebrating Murray Stein, a man whose life and influence within Analytical Psychology has spanned several continents, wildly different cultures, several sweeping societal shifts, and now enters his ninth decade. He was forged in an American crucible, strengthened in Europe, and eventually matured into a world-wide phenomenon.

These essays explore individuation in varied ways and reveal Dr. Stein’s extensive impact on the world of Jungian psychoanalysis. An ambassador for post-Jungians, his own writings and the publication of others through his founding of Chiron Publications added valuable and novel insights about subjects as wide-ranging as Christianity, masculine psychology, and the practice of Jungian analysis.

The diverse topics contained in these essays reflect the fertile, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective that has characterized Dr. Stein’s unique blend of scholarship, personal warmth, and far-reaching vision. From the times of the Delphic Oracle psychotherapists have illuminated the inner landscape where psyche dwells. Dr. Stein has witnessed countless developments and challenges in the decades after Jung’s death. His gentle, wise stewardship reflects what Guinid says about individuation, it is “a testimony of the inner process”. And Dr. Stein’s lifework succeeds at re-enchanting a world stripped of mystery and meaning by modernity as Roderick Main and Len Cruz observe.

After more than five decades of remarkable contributions, Murray Stein’s lifework remains relevant and through his impact on the K-pop band BTS, he has appealed to a new generation of seekers after inner gold. This is a testament to a highly individuated man who fully demonstrates an ongoing individuation, and we are eager to see what his next decade will bring.



The Wizard, the Egg and Fitcher’s Bird: Returning Spiritual Life to Nature in the Individuation of Women

The Wise Old Woman Spirit: 
Help as a Partnership

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