Reflections of a Passerby: Jesus, Jung, and the Power of Choice

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Reflections of a Passerby: Jesus, Jung, and the Power of Choice


Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the June 1 release of Reflections of a Passerby: Jesus, Jung, and the Power of Choice.  
In Reflections of a Passerby: Jesus, Jung, and the Power of Choice, Eleanor Norris, PhD, takes us along on her search for meaning through the study of the life of Jesus—the Christian myth. Was Jesus solely human or solely divine? Was he the symbol of the Self, as C.G. Jung proposed? 
Through Norris’s personal journey, we’re introduced to Jungian perspectives and in-depth study of the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke, weaving together critical thinking, imagination, and somatic knowing, challenging us to understand her and our own assumptions and contributing to each of our journeys of individuation and awakening consciousness.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction – Am I a Christian?
  • Part One – The Christian Myth: C. G. Jung and Elizabeth Boyden Howes
  • Chapter 1 – Jung’s Vision of Christianity
  • Chapter 2 – Other Jungian Views on Christianity
  • Chapter 3 – Elizabeth Howes’s Search for the Historical Jesus
  • Chapter 4 – Was There a Historical Jesus?
  • Part Two – The Guild Seminars
  • Chapter 5 – My First Seminar
  • Chapter 6 –The Work of Discerning
  • Chapter 7 – Meeting the Three
  • Chapter 8 – Into the Depths
  • Chapter 9 – Ministry and Miracles
  • Chapter 10 – Who Forgives? What Heals?
  • Chapter 11 – Myth or History: Finding Great Truths
  • Chapter 12 – Choosing Life
  • Chapter 13 – The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like …
  • Chapter 14 – Gathering Strands
  • Chapter 15 – Jesus’s Final Days
  • Chapter 16 – The Empty Tomb
  • Chapter 17 – The Journey Onward
  • Acknowledgments
  • Permissions
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Guild for Psychological Studies
  • About the Author
“Eleanor Norris is a brave woman. When the traditional Christian story about Jesus ceased to satisfy her spiritual longing, there was still something about Jesus that called her. In Reflections of a Passerby, she shares her studies and practices, her deep looking and ardent wrestling with concepts, archetypes, and assumptions, leading her—and us—to a new vision of the Jesus story. Dr. Norris’s journey through texts and myths into her own depths will nourish your soul and open your eyes afresh.”
— Hal Childs, PhD, author of God’s Autopsy and the Living Truth of Soul:
A History of Western Consciousness

About the Author

Eleanor Norris’s spiritual journey took her from Congregationalism to agnosticism to Roman Catholicism to Hindu and Buddhist practice before discovering the Guild for Psychological Studies’ core seminar based on the text, Records of the Life of Jesus. In 2001, she entered Pacifica Graduate Institute to study mythology from the perspective of Jung, and was awarded her PhD in 2008. A native Californian, the author lives in retirement in Davis, California.