Now Available! Paperback and ebook Version of The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz Volume 2

Now Available!
Paperback and ebook Version of 
The Collected Works of 
Marie-Louise von Franz Volume 2 
Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the release of both the paperback and ebook version (Google Play only) of The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz Volume 2.
The Hero’s Journey is about the great adventure that leads to a cherished and difficult to obtain prize. In these fairytales, the Self is often symbolized as that treasured prize and the hero’s travails symbolize the process of individuation. In its many manifestations, the hero embodies the emerging personality. “In the conscious world, the hero is only one part of the personality—the despised part—and through his attachment to the Self in the unconscious is a symbol of the whole personality.”

Von Franz’s prodigious knowledge of fairytales from around the world demonstrates that the fairytale draws its root moisture from the collective realm. This volume continues where Volume 1 left off as von Franz describes the fairytale, “suspended between the divine and the secular worlds (…) creating a mysterious and pregnant tension that requires extreme power to withstand.” The resistance of the great mother against the hero and his humble origins, as well as the hero freeing the anima figure from the clutches of the unconscious are universal archetypal patterns. The spoils retrieved by the hero symbolize new levels of consciousness wrested from the unconscious.

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Ebook of Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz Volume 1 also available 
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The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz – Volume 1 is now available on Google Play in Ebook format.  

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Also available for purchase – Volume 3 of the Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz
hardcover edition
Volume 3 of The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz (hardcover edition) is now available for purchase.


The Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz is a 28-volume Magnum Opus from one of the leading minds in Jungian Psychology. Volume 3 turns to the Maiden’s Quest within fairytales.
The maiden/heroine navigates a complicated maze of inner and outer relationships as she builds a bridge to the unconscious. The heroine contends with the animus in many forms like a devouring and incestuous father, demonic groom, the beautiful prince, an androgenous mother, a cold dark tower, and through conflict with the evil stepmother. 
Dangers and pitfalls await her as the conscious feminine strives to make connections with the unconscious masculine. The maiden is the undeveloped feminine and the promised fruit of her struggle with the animus is the coniunctio. Volume 3 is a masterwork of cross-cultural scholarship, penetrating psychological insight, and a strikingly illuminating treatise. With her usual perspicacity and thoroughness, von Franz gathers countless fairytale motifs revealing a myriad of facets to the maiden’s quest.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Bluebeard
  • Chapter 2. The Pastor’s Wife
  • Chapter 3. The Woman Who Became A Spider
  • Chapter 4. Sedna
  • Chapter 5. The Girl and the Skull
  • Chapter 6. The Two Sisters
  • Chapter 7. Mother Holle
  • Chapter 8. Ingebjörg and the Good Stepmother
  • Chapter 9. The Wages of the Stepdaughter and the House Daughter
  • Chapter 10. Little Fatima with the Moon Forehead
  • Chapter 11. Snowflake
  • Chapter 12. Sleeping Beauty — Little Briar Rose
  • Chapter 13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  • Chapter 14. Rapunzel
  • Chapter 15. Cinderella
  • Chapter 16. The Magic Horse
  • Chapter 17. Hans Wunderlich
  • Chapter 18. Allerleirauh, All-Kinds-Of-Fur
  • Chapter 19. The White Bride and the Black Bride
  • Chapter 20. The Goose Girl
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Authors
  • Index of Fairytales
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Volume 1 – 
The Profane and Magical Worlds
Volume 1 – Both paperback and hardcover – are now available.  Fairytales, like myths, provide a cultural and societal backdrop that helps the human imagination narrate the meaning of life’s events. The remarkable similarities in fairytale motifs across different lands and cultures inspired many scholars to search for the original homeland of fairytales. While peregrinations of fairytale motifs occur, the common root of fairytales is more archetypal than geographic. A striking feature of fairytales is that a sense of space, time, and causality is absent. This situates them in a magical realm, a land of the soul, where the most interesting things happen in the center of places like Heaven, mountains, lakes, and wells.
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