Conversation with Stefano Carpani

Chiron Publications is pleased to announce the release of Breakfast At Küsnacht: Conversations on C.G. Jung and Beyond edited by Stefano Carpani.
Breakfast at Küsnacht: Conversations on C.G. Jung and Beyond comprises a series of interviews with 10 Jungians and a special guest, Susie Orbach, feminist and relational psychotherapist. Each interview begins by asking them about the central steps of their intellectual biography/journey and which authors (or research areas) they consider essential for their own development and work (also beyond psychoanalysis). 
Therefore, when interviewing the Jungians, three basic questions were asked: (1) Who is Jung? Or, who is your Jung? (2) What is Jung´s relevance today? (3) What are dreams? These questions preceded a look into their own work and contributions.
Recently, Stefano Carpani was kind enough to grant an interview where he addressed the same questions as the contributors to the book and discussed his own current work, especially his ongoing contributions to the effort to support medical staff and affected persons in Italy.  Watch excerpts from the interview below.

Who is Jung?

Jung’s Relevance Today

Personal Impact of COVID

COVID Dreams and Efforts to Help with the Pandemic